Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Through my front door...

I don't have a front door, only a back door! It's raining here today and there is a que of washing baskets just inside this door, waiting for the sunshine so that I can hang out the washing!! (no kidding) I like having the pots on each side of the door, that little bit of greenery just before I go in.

In my entrance way sits this wonderful old wardrobe. I love it dearly. It is full of stuff. Stuff hides under it and beside it and the quilts live on top (the ones we aren't using that is)!

Are three things a collection?? This is my pear collection. Pears are the Queen of fruits. They are such a lovely shape to hold - it feels like a hug to my palm.

Out side my door is this planter. At one end is lavender all lucious and lovely and at the other end all manky. This is because our dog walks over the lavender and breaks it. It just looks so lovely with all the fresh green growth. Yes coming home makes me smile. And because I work across the lawn from our house, I can look out of my office and see this planter.

Pop over here and have a peep through some other front doors. Go on you know you want too, the dishes will wait!!


  1. Thanks for the tour through your front door. I think you need to make a "Heather Bailey pear" to add to your pear collection!

  2. what a lovely tour! thanks....i love the pile of quilts on your armoire....i would love a tour of your quilts!

  3. I'm in love with your big old wardrobe AND those quilts stored on top...how good do they look all piled up there!
    I love pears too, but don't collect them..do like how you described the way they feel when you hold them.
    Lovely planter too :)
    Thanks for the tour.

  4. Love your place! So green ! We used to have the same kind of wardrobe at my grandmom's place!

  5. I love that wall colour with the white trim around your door! My naughty dogs have just trampled the daisies out the front of mine, like your lavendar - gggrrrr.


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