Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tutorial for a simple dress for a teddy or doll

Today at Whitcoulls I was buying some Christmas presents and if you spend $20 you can buy a sweet bear for $7.50. I usually try and buy each of the kiddies a soft toy (something to love) each Christmas so I got four. I thought I would make a wee dress for the girl ones and while I was at it, I thought I would take pictures and share the process. You can learn from my mistakes (more about them later!). I used a fat quarter and made two dresses which makes for a very economical present, especially if you get a toy from the $$ shop. Ok lets get started.
  1. Cut the fat quarter into four. (I pressed the fat quarter and cut down the lines)
  2. Use a plate to mark a curve on one side. About 2-3 cm down (one inch) not as much as this picture, you'll see why later!
  3. Cut along the line.
  4.  Press the fabric in half length wise and cut through both layers of the fabric to make the armpit exactly the same.
  5. Using the cut piece as a template, cut the other armpits on the rest of the squares.
  6. fold under and press the top.
  7. Fold and press again.
  8. I unfolded the top and sewed the side seams.
  9. Zigzag the arm pits then fold under and sew down.
  10. Refold the top and sew down.
  11. Thread ribbon through and dress your teddy.
  12. I made the armpit way to big on the first dress - fail! so I had to cut off the top and resew. My dress ended up shorter!!
Don't they look lovely. Annie-Rose spotted them and was VERY EXCITED, luckily she's so little and will forget by Christmas. I think I will make wee sleeping bags for the boy teddys. Do you want a tutorial for that?


  1. thanks heaps, I am so excited, I have time to make one of these tomorrow.

  2. Deb, I have a photo on my blog and linked to your tute- hope that's okay, email me if it's not.

  3. Wow - pilowcase dresses for teddies! Yay. Thanks for sharing.


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