Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yesterday I worked in the dreaded store room [formerly the sewing room]

When I walked in (it's part of the garage which is separate from our house) it looked like this...

Yes its true. I hate to disappoint anyone.... truly I disappoint myself. After quite some time I found this...

What is it you ask? a patch of desk of course!! [smile]

An old timber box became this collection of inspiration. A lot lot more got done too. It's not finished though. Hopefully today I will get it done and post a completed picture! Halfway through the morning David made me a cup of tea and I went outside with him to sit in the sunshine. My flowers are just starting to look lovely so I got the camera a took a few pics. Thanks to Andi (who generously shared her knowledge with me), I have made a little mosaic (my first ever) of the pictures.

My mosaic is truly tiny, I don't know why, but if you take a minute (please do) to click on it. You get a breath of spring, and who doesn't need that?


  1. oh your flowers are wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing! Life in the desert isn't so pretty.

    Good luck with your room!

  2. Your mosaic is truly beautiful Deb. Your skills never cease to amaze me ~ or leave me stunned is more to the truth :)

    You will note that you no longer need to think I am every anon writer :0

  3. I have to say that I really treasure seeing photos of the creative spaces of others...and the fact that I am not the only person in the world that can't always keep it together. It's very real...your dreaded store room and I appreciate seeing that.

    Your collage looks beautiful, too. I love the flowers.


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