Sunday, December 13, 2009

11. Take some decorations to Nana's house and make it look festive.

Reuben and Chrissy decorated a little Christmas tree
 with gold tinsel wooden ornaments
 and wee gold balls.

We took it around to Nana's (David's mum is 87) with some Christmas lights and a Poinsetta Plant and decorated her living room. We had a lovely time and ended up staying for a fish and chip tea.

The lovely little wooden ornaments looked so sweet.

We also decorated our tree. I was really keen on having a real tree which smells lovely, but I had forgotten how um, ugly they really are... so difficult to decorate. Anyway it looks very Christmassy in our lounge.

I finished Greta's quilt (one of the eye-spy ones) and sewed the binding onto about 10 other quilts already for me to sew it down! I didn't have a lot of time this weekend, but when I got to the machine I SEWED FAST!

Giant to-do pile!
Must be nearly Christmas.


  1. did you do the quilting on the eye spy quilt. it is gorgeous. i love the little tree you decorated for your grandma. and your tree is lovely!!!

  2. Very sweet of you to do that for Nana :) Love the quilts! and I don't envy your to-do pile :) xx


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