Monday, December 14, 2009

Felt Birthday Crown

I made this on Friday for one of the neighbours (his mum doesn't want him identified) I had half an hour before the party plus a baby to feed, boys to pick up from school and a house to tidy (!!) so I remembered seeing one and I looked at Jacqui's blog because I remembered her making one and it looked pretty simple. I didn't have time to look at the tutorial. I just cut the green fabric to about the right length, folded it into four and then cut a C shape from one end to make the pointy bits. Then I laid it onto a similar piece of blue and sewed all the way around apart from at the back where I inserted a piece of elastic to join the two ends and sewed them down too. Then I cut out some felt circles and sewed them on manically with buttons and sewed a few random buttons too. He loves it and all the neighbourhood mums want them now for their kids birthdays!!

The crown got made and the house got tidied, but Chrissy picked up the boys and the baby got fed at the birthday party - sometimes I just try and fit too much into half an hour :)


  1. Next project on your list should be ~ A SuperMom cape! :)

  2. what a cute are fast!!!

  3. It really is cute, though! And what's the point of having kids ranging in all ages if you can't send one of them off to fetch a few others. lol


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