Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last quilt bound for the year....

It was so lovely to sit  down last night, with baby in the hammock beside me and sew down a binding. I've sewed quite a few of my pile by machine, but I hate doing that. It never looks so neat to me, and the hand sewing is sew restful.

I like this quilt, I made it out of someone's UFO - some 9-patch blocks I got off trade me. Then I added blocks of this unusual rusty coloured floral with lovely pink roses and Shenleigh quilted it with wool batting. It's for someone else to give as a present and I think they will love it!

One picnic rug to go and one holiday to pack for. The jobs are getting done. Yesterday was a big day... I couriered off my papers for the audit and we posted 892 Christmas Cards for work.


  1. oh, sure it is the last one for the year!

  2. i'm with you..i really love hand sewing the binding. congrats on being done

  3. Wow, that must have been a big weight off! Hope you have a a lovely, restful break, full of joy and good laughs and that you feel completely on fire for 2010!


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