Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let them eat cake!

Yes it's busy at this time of the year. My to-do pile is pretty huge but am working away at it in any spare moments, also now all of the kids in my house have been sick lately. But the sun is shining and we are enjoying eating some of our meals outside....

Happy hour!

This child does actually eat veges,
but its way more fun to photograph her eating cake!

Have had you time to eat cake today??


  1. Hey, let them eat cake - It's Christmas, there's heaps more time later on for veges. Go for it mum, these are the times they will remember I mean who remembers pigging out on veges?

  2. Cake faces are much cuter! especially chocolate and with frosting. xx

  3. It's ok, I had cake for breakfast this morning. Shhh.. don't tell :o)

  4. i have no cake to eat, but she sure looks like she is enjoying hers.

  5. We didn't eat cake on Tuesday... but it was probably the only day this week that we haven't consumed huge amounts of cake.


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