Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Recycled Onion Bag

The other day I was showing a friend my treasure bag (from Homemade Home) and she said, oh what's wrong with an onion bag. Well it's not so pretty! but apart from that they don't have very good handles. So I cut out the black handle and threaded through some cord and tied the ends, and behold two new treasure bags....

Perfect for beach foraging! and a no-sew project that a kid could easily do. I must keep looking out for these onion bags. (Note for NZ readers... these are the ones from Pak'N Save!!)


  1. Deb, great idea!! can you sew on a bag like that?

  2. fantastic idea! I am going to have to try to remember that in about six months. The only thing we can see right now is white and would likely melt through the holes! :)


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