Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Stash...

For Sunday Stash this week, on the left my 'Fall' fabrics and on the right my Christmas fabrics for this swap. I checked at Spotlight before I signed up for these, but when I went back I couldn't find any fall fabrics. So I thought the fruits and the red and orange would be ok. I hope my swap partners like them!

This was a real score from the Salvation Army Shop this week. It is a size 28 skirt and massive matching top in a linen blend - so much fabric. It's a lovely feel, I want to use it for some sashing on a quilt.

I'm going to draw the winner for the giveaway tonight... last chance to enter today.


  1. great score Deb, lots of fabric.
    And, I must say, I see abit of yummy apple fabric poking out there! Nice

  2. I am always motivated by reading about how much you are able to accomplish each day/week. I like all of the squares, too.

    I was in the Thrift Shop over the weekend, too and managed to find another sheet to add to the pile for what I can use for quilts. I think I'll get started on that after Christmas.

  3. Nice fabric, love the linen. I find myself wanting to buy half the thrift store; it seems like every other dress/sweater is reusable in some way.


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