Sunday, January 17, 2010

Love is... having your bike waterblasted!

I've signed up to do a Real Woman duathalon... it's 3 km walk/run, 10 km bike ride, 1.5 km walk/run. So it's very achievable. Over the last year and a half my exercise has been minimal so I thought this would kick start some good habits. David brought me this cool helmet yesterday, fits good. I asked him to have a look at my bike which I haven't used for yonks, and next thing I looked out and he was waterblasting it!

He fondly imagines he never appears on this blog (lol) so I had to use the zoom to get this picture. Isn't that sweet? I felt loved!! He put the seat up for me and I had a wee ride up and down the street, so I'm all sorted. I'm a bit stiff on the bike (I had my hip replaced a few years ago) but I'm hoping that I can really get a bit fitter before winter.


  1. that is such an awesome look beautiful in your helmet. I love it when we can sneak our husbands onto the blog....hip replacement!!! wow that is is so awesome that you are going for this.

  2. Hey Deb - this is fantastic that you have signed up for the REAL Woman duathlon - which city are you 'eventing' in? This year is my 2nd year (in Wellington) - it is SO MUCH FUN a very cool atmosphere and every woman is a winner. My first year I had been a couch potatoe for a few years so the training was tough to begin with, I've kept up the regular exercise past the event, so am hoping that this year my time will have improved some, though to be honest its all about having fun, enjoying the exercise and meeting some very inspirational women. Enjoy your training, it does get easier (promise). Hugs Jx

  3. Deb, your amazing with everything that you do and all your commitments - wow, you blow me away. I hope your training goes well and the hip doesn't play up.
    PS. How did the wee man enjoy the sun we put on for him in Hoki?

  4. it cracks me up everytime dad finds out he is on the blog... funny little man :-) xoxoxo lol

  5. Hey Deb will it make any difference when you discover the first walk is actually 3.5. Nope, we will make it anyway!!
    hugs xx

  6. Did my first walk! I'm not allowed to take my camera anymore, my 20 minute walk turned into 40 minutes. DOH.


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