Monday, January 25, 2010

Nine patch scrappy quilt...

Slowly, very slow, but surely, this quilt is coming together. It is the slowest quilt ever, possibly because I'm not really in love with it. It actually looks better in the photo than in real life! It is quite large, way to large for a lap quilt. It's supposed to have a row of squares all around the edge and then another cream border. I'm still in debate whether to do it or not, although I suspect I would like it better. It would be enormous though.

James remarked that it has a lot of nana fabrics in it, and it's true it has quite a few nana fabrics in it from the large family holiday quilt I made her a few years ago. In that sense it's nice to see them again.


  1. was this from the crazy mom quilts 9 patch quilt a long? i still have a pile that have not even been assembled. will you quilt one this big at home?

  2. Oh I like it! The pinks look so nice. Definitely put the border on it.

  3. its nice :)

    if you dont like it you could always maybe sell it on Trademe? :)


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