Friday, January 29, 2010

A good saturday is when all the little jobs get done.

Ok, so I did the dishes, hung out the washing, tidied up, folded that laundry mountain. I remembered I had this pretty piece of bunting I had made, actually you can't see it really in this picture, but you can see the bumble bee flying off the lavendar, so I put this pic in for those of you who are freezing your bits off at the moment (you know who you are xxx).
I made yummy apple sauce for Annie and used the 'new' mouli I brought from Trademe. Perfect. Shame the seller was so RUDE! but we won't go there!
Annie and I ate a healthy lunch!

We love these corn crackers so much. They are delicious with or without topping. Don't tomato and avocado say "summer" to you?
I actually went for a walk with Annie and mondo (dog) to the supermarket, then we went to the little girl's birthday party. Now dinner is on and James showed me what I was doing wrong with the stapler, so we made art out of this amazing piece of vintage fabric for my office....

See! doesn't it look good and so easy peasy. David brought me those flowers this week. He knew I needed them, the darling.
One of my opshop finds is on the other wall of my office. Isn't this amazing?
And the Good Folks is now in the kitchen.
This was so easy and effective, I want to try doing a patchwork piece sometime....
Maybe with vintage sheets??

Now it's time for dinner
and then Reuben and I are going to the Soccer game with Grandad.
I've never been to a soccer game before.

You have to wear white or yellow,
I wonder if I have time to make a scarf out of the rest of the good folks before I go (hehe)

or fold the new laundry mountian that has sprung up tonight [sigh]


  1. it's me!! I am the one freezing my bits of. it is about 10 F here. brrrr!!! every one of these pictures is full of simple summer loveliness. the fabrics look so amazing on the frames... i really love them. i am inspired

  2. yummy!!! apple sauce

    and the corn crackers look yummy too

    nice fabrics sounds like you might have set a trend :)

  3. Love those fabric pictures! Great idea to show off special pieces!


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