Monday, January 11, 2010

A pink cake with sprinkles is suitable for any celebration isn't it??

One of Chrissy's new year resolutions is to make all her presents. First up was James' birthday (he was 14 on Sunday) so she decided to make him a cake. Not a particularly manly cake but delicious none the less. I can't believe that he is 14 already, it's amazing. James is growing into a young man with leadership potention (translated: is bossy) once he has learned to temper his exchanges with others with Grace. He's finally started growing taller which pleases him a lot. He has a kind heart and is a hard worker once you get him started.

Happy Birthday James!


  1. Happy Birthday to your 'little' boy :)
    Could you fax me over a piece of cake? :)

  2. happy birthday. i can not imagine my mitchell ever being that old.

  3. Hello over there!
    You live in a great spot, we stayed in Christchurch for a few days and liked it!

    The ripple blanket is actually quite simple.
    The best way to understand was to watch someone do the stitches on you tube.

    Now I'm on the look out for some wool. Bet you have lots where you are LOL!

  4. i wanted to tell you that i think you rock. your blog is amazing and inspirational, and i wanted you to know that i nominated you for an award on my blog

  5. happy birthday to your "little" boy - manchild! Don't they grow way way too fast!

  6. Happy Be-lated! My birthday is this week on the 14th! Can't wait. Not doing anything big, but I am turning 21! Hope to order my first alcoholic beverage this weekend...first *legal* I should say. ;o)


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