Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pins and Plum Pudding

Now that Annie is on the move (yes she is starting to crawl), I need to be able to put away my sewing stuff every single time to keep them safe. I found this old tray and it keeps everything tidy.

I found this in a mixed box I brought off Trademe. I think it's an egg poacher, but it works great as a pin holder. I think I'll find a magnet to stick in the bottom and it would be perfect.

Last night we had good friends over for dinner and they brought over this amazing Christmas pudding. It was so heavy and dense and tasted DELICIOUS. It came with a great story. Our friend Tim works at the Air Force Muesem and he won it. Apparently the (ex-air force) guy who made it criticised the way his wife made the plum duff so she said, make it yourself then! so he did. And every year he tweaks it a bit until it meets his satisfaction. Honestly, it was amazing... and such a funny story that went with it.


  1. love the tray idea. it is so great to have everything tidy and in one place

  2. Yes your pin holder is definitely an egg poacher as I have a whole set of them. Great idea for it though!

  3. LOVE that top photo! I think it looks like it would be in a magazine. Gorgeous!


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