Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A 20-minute dress from a thrifted sheet!

Yesterday I had a VERY BAD DAY AT WORK, oh my goodness. All the CRAZY people rang me COMPLAINING. (Is there a full moon??) It was NUTS. Really. So before mum came back with Annie-Rose, I grabbed this sheet I got the other day, and cut out the join-the-dots dress from Foxs Lane. Kate had very kindly emailed me (when I asked) and told me how she did it. Because I am, um three dimensional, I added um 6 inches to the circumferance of the dresss. Yes that's right six. Moving right along.
I love this dress. I'm wearing it today. And (hehe) I'm blogging about it in the middle of the morning because I'm accidentally locked out of the office so am forced to blog at the kitchen table instead [insert smile].

I think because if the aforementioned third dimension, I will gather the next one instead of the join the dots, but I definitely will do more. I wonder if I could find some heavy charcoal knit. That would be awesome.

Go ahead and try it, it's so satisfying. Oh and because I was feeling a bit lazy, I put the hemmed bottom of the sheet as my hem and so I didn't even hem it! I love it.


  1. ohhh, i like it. a lot.
    i'd love to sew my own clothes...but alas haven't reached that point yet.
    heavy charcoal knit would look really good...and great for the cooler months. i want to make one!
    sorry to hear about the crazies at work yesterday.

  2. Hi cuz, love the fabric, its gorgeous and so summery!
    .. sorry to hear you had such a rough day, the silver lining was definitely your lovely new dress!
    Love to the family, Fi xxxx

  3. very nice and probably nice and cool :)

  4. I love it. the fabric is so cute and it looks good on you.

  5. so adorable!!! i love it and you look awesome in it.

  6. Ha! That reminds me of one I worked up (search Tunic on domesticscene) ... it also has the join the dots style neckline (which I ironed over a ruler) and I also wear it all. the. time. Which is almost embarrassing since everytime I go to post a pic of myself it is "Doh! I'm wearing my one and only dress AGAIN"... Well done on turning to the sewing machine after a hard day at the office!

  7. Deb it looks fabulous!!
    I can't believe you had such a success after such a crappy day at work. I love that your dress is also called the join the dots dress and that it is also made from a sheet. I'd love to see one in a charcoal knit. I don't think I'm brave enough to sew with knit just yet. I hope you have lots of fun wearing your new dress. XX

  8. 3 Dimensional! You are killing me. lol Looks neat. Sorry you had to have such a bad day to spawn such a neat outfit, though.


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