Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another dot-to-dot dress...

it's off to playcentre today for Miss Annie-Rose and I! Hurray (hopefully some pics later)

Now don't you think going to Playcentre warrants a new dress for mama? Yes of course....
15 minutes later... done! Perfect for lolling about the floor with the kiddies.
Photography by my boys. It looks a bit sack like from this angle (Roo was on the table) but actually it's pretty good. It's from a t-shirt knit that I had brought to practice on. Wins on the comfy stakes too!


  1. like your dress :)

    have fun :)

  2. Good morning Deb!
    Another nice job...i'm loving your fabrics and think it's great how it totally changes the look with every different print you use.
    You're definitely on a roll.
    I was thinking about these dresses the other day (still wanting to get around to making one - one day!), and was reminded of my Mum making very similar dresses for herself, around 30 years ago. I think that's cool.
    Enjoy Play Group! ♥

  3. I really like this one. The colors are great on you, and I like the ruffly sleeve white tee under it. It is very cute!

  4. this is so are getting all decked out for your summer


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