Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Cupcake Birthday for Kirsten...

We brought an empty pail from Spotlight and filled it with different sprinkles, cupcake papers and pink food colouring. Then we poured a packet of tiny glitter stars in the bottom. Some ribbon and buttons on the outside, and that was one pretty pail.
We glued buttons onto the lid with superglue (I still have superglue on my fingers and the kitchen bench. Why can't nailpolish stick to nails like superglue can??)
I stayed up late last night and finished the hexagons for Natasha.
Just have to put the borders on.
Looking good!


  1. I love the clear pail...I would ask you where you got it, but since we live a few continents apart, I may not be able to go to that store! :) By the way, your package is flying across those continents right now!

  2. oooh the hexagons are looking wonderful! I am glad they didn't kill you ;-)

  3. Such a good idea! Love the pail!

  4. your package is flying across those continents right now!

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