Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More off the to-do list...

I had started sewing up these charm squares for a large baby bag, but yesterday after school and work ended up piecing a quick baby quilt so that one of my neighbours could finish it for another one of our neighbours who has a brand new nephew!
and when i got this quilt back from Shenleigh I had lost the fabric for the binding. Liz put it on her quilt rack anyhow, but yesterday I sewed it on and hand stitched it down. I know there are great tutorials for machine stitching, but I love the finish of a hand-stitched binding. At Christmas I machined a few for presents, but I'm never that happy. Two more quilts that need binding are lurking... one is on Chrissy's bed and one I've got back from Lily-down-the-road, it should be back on her bed tonight. It's 30 degrees Celcius so quite warm for sewing down binding, but while Annie-Rose is in the bath, I might just get it done as I watch her.


  1. i love hand binding! i love the fabrics that Annie-Rose is sitting on. i have a couple of those charm packs and i just love them. hope we get a bigger look at the second quilt. the quilting is so pretty


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