Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The sunshine makes you want to get things finished!

It's great to see the to-do (or half-done) pile going down. Lily has been loving her quilt for about 3 months, but I prised it off her this week when she started pre-school and have whipped the binding on.
This is the third quilt of this design I've done. The first two were with charm square packs, but I just cut 5" squares this time. Six rows of eight and 5 inch strips in between and a 6 inch border, it comes together quickly and makes a great quilt for anybody. Just the right size I think for snuggling under.
A couple of Trademe purchases... this cute knit fabric like my nana used to wear and a tin full of treasure...
Loads of lace. A fantastic supply. I think Annie will have some lace trimmed dresses this winter!
Because of our lovely weather (at last) Annie-Rose can finally wear some summer clothes. I brought these at City Mission for $2. They are awesome. I'll draft a pattern off for next year I think.
Absolutely perfect for crawling about in. Don't I look cute Grandma??


  1. Hi there! I love that little red romper! If only I had girls! I found your blog because I think you might be doing the Artistic Mother course with a few of us bloggers...I'm looking forward to getting into more art daily. It looks like you're well along that path. I'm glad to see there's another quilter among our bunch! Can't wait to see what everyone does!

  2. There's the little cutie!
    Love the quilt too, by the way!

  3. Love the little red romper...and Annie Rose has the cutest thigh rolls!

  4. I wish someone would say I had the cutest thigh rolls! Hahaha! Very cute quilt. Didn't realize Dora was international. Lol

  5. LOVING the quilt and the red romper :)

  6. Love the blog - even more I LOVE the fact I got your voucher last night!!!!!! Yay! I have signed up so now I'll be getting lovely inspiration for you all the time! Miriam xx

  7. oh Deb that outfit she has on is so cute...those are the best kind of baby clothes comfy and one piece. and your quilt has got me thinking about starting a new project. any chance you would not mind sharing the measurements for cutting???


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