Monday, February 1, 2010

What's on my plate, I mean table??

You mean apart from the paint charts, pen, dirty bib, hamburger press, dying flowers, candy packet, wineglass shaped bottle of bubble mixture (why?), paint test pots, half eaten hamburger (yes really)?? and that's only the bit of the table I photographed!

Well what's on the table, is my basket of fabrics for my month of the Bee Inspired bee. But you see the thing is, I'm so behind, Natasha's block for November is not done yet, I'm terrified of the other November block and two more packets have arrived this week, for I think January! [sigh]

I have so much guilt, i'm having trouble making myself send out the fabrics, oh and the small matter of the fact I've lost the list that Rachel told us to STORE SOMEWHERE SAFELY. (I did, I just can't find it!)

Anyway, if I do get past the, um guilt. I don't know what to get these talented ladies and one man to do. You see each and every one of their requests has been amazing. These ladies and one man really know what they want. Do you think I will appear to lame if I just send out my fabric and tell them to do what they want?? I really like squares, can I just say something with squares??
I have this beautiful vintage linen to include in the quilt. Shall I send it to them? or shall I just add it later? I quite like houses, but I don't know if I like chaos. You see what I mean? I'm confused. Nevermind that I've had 11 months to think about this.

Please people can you help me???


  1. that piece of vintage linen is amazing. i think that if you are unsure you should let them have free creative reign, of course as long as they know you want squares in it. i would save the linen for later when you get everything back

  2. That linen piece would make any amazing quilt back!

  3. That's a beautiful peice of vintage linen and I think it it should be made a feature of the quilt but then are you willing to cut it up?

  4. Tell them to do different versions of squares, bento boxes. Stuff like that. Just not wonky. You could fussy cut the sheet for the centers.


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