Thursday, March 4, 2010

Although we have seen the happy face this week, we've seen a lot more of this...
Poor wee lamb. We're off to the doctor this morning, I hope he give us medicine. Not a happy baby.
Block for today. It's hard to photograph cause it's so tiny, but it's a row of bunting with "I love bunting" underneath! Bunting seems so summery to me, and I'm holding on to all the summer I can get!
After seeing Andi's post here, I made a mummy version. It is the comfiest dress ever. I have two piles of tshirts in my cupboard. Ones that fit and ones that don't! The ones that don't are perfect to cut the bottom off and make a dress, it's so easy... run to your cupboard and make yourself one.

I hope you have a good day, I'm off to cuddle my baby for the rest of the day!


  1. You are soooo crafty!

    What is wrong with AR? We have had our share of sickness running around the house this week too! Blah!

  2. enjoy your cuddle time
    hope she gets better soon
    like your new dress

  3. Poor baby. Hope she's better real soon. You look soooo cute in your outfit!

    The Artistic Mother's Group coordinator

  4. what a great make one of those dresses for yourself. How did you know how much yardage to use?

    poor sweet little girl...she is even cute when she is making her miserable sad face. i hope you were able to get some medicine that could make her feel better today.

  5. Poor baby. Hope she feels better soon!

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