Sunday, March 14, 2010

Charm Squares Quilt: Week 1

I actually made this top yesterday afternoon, it only takes a few hours. I'm glad I did because I ran out of fabric and had to pop down to Spotlight to get some more! The fabric needed is...

1 Charm Pack
1.5 metres of matching fabric (for first border and binding)
1 metre of co-ordinating fabric (for second border)

You need a total of 48 5" squares so you can easily cut a few extra from your border prints, you don't have to use a charm pack (I didn't) but it is heaps faster and it makes one charm pack go a long way.

The cutting instructions are:
48 5" squares
7 strips 5 inches x 27.5 inches
4 strips (cut across the width of the fabric) sewn together can cut to 59 inches x 5 inches
6 strips (cut across the width of the fabric) sewn together to form the outer border. (I'll get the measurements for this later!)

I'll post the next step in the next day or two. Let me know if these don't make any sense (it's entirely possible). Have fun xx


  1. Are we starting already? Ah! I am moving this week! I think I can maybe get this cut though . . . I don't have a charm pack, but I don't mind cutting ;)

  2. i can not wait to start this. i have to dig out my charm packs and hope i have some fabric that will go with it so that i can use some stash.,...i better get cracking!

  3. Deb do you think it would be hard to make this larger? i have a second charm pack of Snippets and i was thinking this would make it large enough to be a good lap size. what do you think?


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