Sunday, March 21, 2010

Charm Squares Quilt: Week 2

Ok this is very very simple (just the way I like it)...

1. Sew the charm squares into 6 rows of 8 squares.

2. Sew a strip between each one.
3. Pin and then sew on the borders.
4. Thats it... done! All ready for quilting. That wasn't too hard.
Some of my favourite blocks from the swap.

I have to say the fabric I chose for borders was a bit busy, but that's ok for a Christmas quilt. Have a look here at Lily's quilt and here at Gill's quilt and the one I gave away at Woman's Camp.

How is your's going?

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  1. so far i almost have it together. i goofed once and now have to spend some time unpicking. bummer


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