Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter Prayer flags Plus Tutorial

It's done! I was reading in my Bible the other day where in the old Testament they sewed blue tassells on the bottom of their clothes to remind them of God's laws they were following. It really struck me how God does use visual reminders (rainbow anyone?).
So I did a lot of thinking about what Easter means to us.
And this is the result... Joy, Forgiveness, Community and Love.
I really enjoyed making these and thinking about Easter.
If you would like to make some too,
click here to download
(thanks James for your nerdy know-how)
 but Easter might come before I manage it!!
Do you like? I made it from two pillowcases, an old skirt and a doilley!


  1. They are STUNNING! I love them so much.
    When we got married, all those years ago, we sent a plain bit of fabric to each guest. They were to be decorated/ written on/ embroidered etc with a prayer for us and then sent back to us. I sewed them all together and then hung them as decoration at the wedding. I love prayer flags I do. X

  2. wow...this is a wonderful idea...i think i will label you as the queen of thrift and your work!!!xxx

  3. they are gorgeous, I would love to make these also.

  4. Oh I love them so. Very beautiful. what a wonderful idea. (hey so my captcha word vor verification is "blesses" how perfect is that?)

  5. I adore those flags and what a wonderful lesson

  6. what a great idea! good reminder to all of us about what we need to remember! thanks!


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