Friday, March 5, 2010

Love is... going to garage sales on a Saturday!

My man, he loves me a lot. This week he told me that today we would get up early and go visiting garage sales, as many as I wanted! Ah, such a man! I found some great treasures and had a good time. We also got a vintage snakes and ladders game, exactly the same as I had as a kid (sad it's called vintage... I remember playing with it!)
Look at these beauties. Kate, would you like this white one for your collection?? (I got it especially for you xx)
I also got this amazing piece of material. It's about 2m long and has this heart embroidered at the top and then the little flowers all the way over the rest of it. What on earth shall I do with it?? it's incredible.

I had fun, we were home by 9am with a bundle of treasures. Thank you David for humouring me!


  1. my hubby and i always have the most fun when we go garage sale-ing together!
    so glad you had fun,

  2. What a great man.
    So jealous!(of your garage saleing and summer)

  3. Are you serious? Could you really part with it? When I saw the title of your post I felt a bit jealous that I missed out on so many long weekend garage sales here this morning and then I saw the pics of your loot and I contemplated bundling the whole gang in the car and heading out. Anyway, what I am trying to say is YES!!, I would love it for my wall. THANKYOU!! XX

  4. bless your hubby

    I like going to garage sales

    lovely material pieces

    join the club Im probably not much younger than you
    and I like to remember we are only as old as we feel
    heck I walk more now than I ever have so Im a young fit thing :)

  5. that was so nice of him..i love going to the antiques flea market with my parents and my husband comes along just to indulge me. i love that man. what about a pillow with that fabric.

  6. I know what you mean! I too feel old when my toys are called vintage!

  7. Muito bonito seu trabalho!
    kiss from brazil!


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