Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Place and Yours: Pink

Yes there's plenty of that to find at our house, especially since the arrive of Miss Speedy. She looks cute in any colour, but we love this pink dress with the pink tights.
How do you like that?
I have a pink Anenome on my kitchen window sill.
I have this cute cute pin cushion knitted by my talented sister.
Lets see, what else... hmmm pink naked dolly?
Pink badge?
Pink dollies!
Pink Rose?
Actually that's cheating, it's not in my garden,
but I wish it was.
It's Cecil Brunner and it's on my list of Roses to Buy.
Pink cushion! Love this one.

Yes, there's pink in our house.
I don't know what happened to me,
but from the minute I got pregant with Annie-Rose
Pink started appearing here and there!

Gotta love that Pink!
Check out some more Pink here.


  1. pink, pink everywhere. I'm glad it's not just me :)

  2. You have some very cute pink things! The pin cushion is very sweet but I think your little one is the best pink thing!

  3. Ooooo I love your daughters pink dress too

  4. Wow so much lovely pink! I love the pincushion!
    Sophie x

  5. what lovely pinks..Miss Speedy's a real winner in her flowery pink dress :)

  6. We're all in the pink and I'm adoring this ;)

  7. i love your pinks :)

    beautiful baby :) beautiful fabric, beautiful knitting :)

  8. Little girls and their pink! That dress is adorable (and the kid modelling it is gorgeous!). I like pink, but with a little girl, I feel a bit overrun with pink lately. I purposefully tried to start buying clothes that weren't pink for her, and have found an overload of purple in her closet now! Back to pink!

  9. I love pink, I am a total fan! the baby in the dress and the knitted pincushion are just sweet!!!

  10. Pink is THE colour, its awesome and i love it. it makes everyone smile! i was wearing my yummy pink winter coat last week on the tube to work on another dreary grey london day and a complete stranger (a man) told me my coat was like a 'beacon of happiness' - so if thats not a good enough reason to wear pink i dont know what is! xx

  11. when my daughters were babies there was pink and white everywhere in my life ... it just looks so good on little ones. totally cute outfit

  12. Your little girl is so sweet in that pinky flower dress!

  13. what a gorgeous name for such a cute little miss pink

  14. Annie-Rose looks pretty in pink...


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