Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photo shoot

The other morning we had a very quick photo shoot for an advert we are putting in a telephone book. Do we look trustworthy and honest? hard working and reliable? do you trust these faces to manage your redecoration project?? Hopefully we score YES to all those questions, lol!
I found some boy pics on the camera, David must have been taking them when he was setting up the camera. I like this one. The shirt is not pink by the way, it's "man-salmon". Truly.


  1. We've had a week of photo shoots too. Yours looks great and if I lived closer, I'd hire ya! X

  2. It's always tricky to take photos of someone wearing glasses, as the eyes are often not in sharp focus. That's the case in your photo, too. I found that portraits where people's eyes are in sharp focus are liked better. Maybe you should take that into consideration. It also helps to relax before taking photos (or having photos taken) -- to tell a joke to one another or something like that. Then the smile looks more natural adding that special something to the photo.

    -- Birgit

  3. Deb, thats a great photo of you and David. Its also a great photo of James but I really like the one of the two of you.
    hugs Deb
    P.S. Perfect for the ad, extremely trustworthy.

  4. yes,,,very honest...i would trust you and don't know you...yet!!!lol...i am doing the artistic mother challenge...looking forward to getting to see your

  5. Deb, Birgit has given you what sounds like educated advice. I'll just say you are the sort of person that everyone could be best friends with! And your husband looks abit like he's mid story- which isn't a bad thing for someone you're about to hire. You certainly don't look weird or creepy!

  6. my goodness he is a handsome out!!! you and your hub looks very reliable, absolutely. i would hire you in a flash!

  7. yes, yes and yes..... and not cos we're related obviously!! you know i think we have the same shape face deb? just the hair colour and the eye colour (and im more than a few pounds heavier!!)that differs... i love genetics... awesome!
    'man-salmon'... irs the way forward.. my housemate is a body builder and ex-paratrooper and he wears loads of 'man-salmon' which is no bad thing!! xx

  8. I think you look fabulous!

    I think the boys look SO much like their daddy!


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