Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Preparing for Easter.

Today I went to work for most of the day, but...
I forgot to go to an important meeting at Reuben's school. [shame]
Have very polite but not happy email from his teacher. [double shame]
But I did make a lot of bunnies with my neighbours for Easter (after I realised I'd missed the meeting)...
We had fun, it was worth snatching some time from our busy busy day to do this.
Sorry Krystyn, I don't know how I managed to forget.
We used this tutorial, but made them much much fatter so that they can sit on an egg.


  1. Very cute Deb. Thanks for linking me in on your blogroll. I feel very special!!! x

  2. these are gorgeous deb...they turned out so well...wish i were a neighbour!!!!lol...xxxx

  3. oh, these bunnies are just adorable!!

  4. "shame" on your for making something so adorable! ha! just kidding, Deb!

  5. gorgeous bunnies - what a great idea!
    Thanks for being my first follower - i'll get the hang of it one day! xx

  6. Oh, such cute bunnies! I think I'll be crafting bunnies long into May with the growing list of Easter crafts that I have!

  7. i LOVE the bunnies!! they are adorable...


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