Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vesper Quilt finished...

I'm absolutely stoked with this quilt. It's easy to whip up if you are interested and makes a stunning man quilt.
I used a linen cotten blend for the grey which goes well with the Echino cotton which is quite heavy. I just cut the grey in half vertically and put it on each side of a panel of the Vespers.
Admittedly it's Shenleigh's quilting which makes it, but oh my it's perfect!
Thanks to the lovely ladies at Bolt of Cloth for their advice.

Martin actually loved it (whew)! which is always a relief when you make something for someone else.
We had a lovely evening at the cousins, eating good food and just hanging out.
Salad, hot meat and garlicky potatoes... yum.
Late summer rose in Sharon's garden.
And lastly, one of my favourite autumn flowers, Japanese Anenomies.


  1. Beautiful looks as though it is already loved!!

  2. nice quilt

    nice time with relatives

    I really like garlic

    nice flowers too

  3. Oh, Deb, it is gorgeous! You put me to shame! And it's nice that an 18 year old boy will pose with a smile on his face and a quilt over his shoulders. He must've liked it for sure.

  4. this is such a gorgeous quilt!! i wish i had a shenleigh here to quilt things for me!! looks like a lovely evening eating in the garden with family!!!

  5. it turned out just awesome and he looks pretty happy too! I wish it were summer here too!@!!

  6. That quilt is beautiful! I wish I could have one like that on my bed ;)


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