Friday, April 16, 2010

A couple of wee projects today...

The Daddy and James crossed over the South Island to the West Coast to do a cycle race around Lake Brunner. They participated as a team and got under four hours (130 kms). It's been such a peaceful 24 hours without them (they are safely home now), and I actually managed to get some sewing done.
I got a pencil roll made for a birthday party Reuben is going to tomorrow. I got one (yes one) block done for my pinwheel quilt, which is the slowest quilt ever... total of blocks now... 4.
Chrissy saw these purse catches at Memories Cafe this morning, so we brought a couple. I made a prototype (luckily the first one didn't fit) so that she can make one herself. It's all neat, no seams showing... seeing as there didn't seem to be a pattern available, I'm thinking about making one myself!
The shift refashion is a fail on many levels, but I've learnt heaps from this process and will try again. This shirt I cut the buttons and button holes off, cut off the sleeves and the collar. Then I inserted one of the sleeves in the centre of the shirt and pleated it, using the cuff to make an opening (it was very cool). I then used the remaining sleeve to make sleeves for this shirt.

Things I did wrong...
  • Inserted the sleeves wrong
  • Put the sleeve in the front too low down
  • Didn't shorten the shirt before I started
  • Didn't get the neck right before I started
Apart from that it's great, not wearable but great. I'm going to hunt out another shirt and have another try. I wish I could find a floral shirt, that would be awesome. I thought I'd post it anyhow because you know, we don't always get it right the first time do we?


  1. well...this only means that you will perfect it next time. i love the little purse you have there...the clasp is beautiful. i have some of that umbrella girl fabric that you used in your pinwheel. love to see those little baby hands

  2. cool crafts
    I especially like the purse


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