Monday, April 26, 2010

First project for the Artistic Mothers Group!

A while back I joined this group...

Artisc Creations With Trudy
I had been wondering what to do for my first project because I had done a lot of card making/ collage in the past and kind of let that go. I wanted to be challenged by this process and decided to do a fabric cover for my journal which was a good challenge for me. I'm really pleased with how it turned out...
Mostly recycled materials which is what I wanted.
I really didn't want to buy stuff to do something
 that I had actually got rid of all that gear before!
Does that make sense??

Anyway this will be a great visual diary to use.
Thanks Trudy for starting this group.


  1. Your fabric journal is gorgeous! I love the idea of using the fabric, buttons doilie and ric rac. I adore fabric. I have boxes and boxes of it.

    Excellent work.

  2. i so love this...tht button with the tree is just

  3. I love it! You're so creative - I'm hopeless when it comes to using my imagination so I love seeing what you come up with :D

  4. Wow, your journal turned out beautiful! Loved that you used all fabric scraps, etc!

  5. oh Deb this looks great...i love the addition of all of the ric rak!

  6. very nice and I hope you enjoy the group :)

  7. Girl, where did you get that button. I love it and the journal.


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