Friday, April 16, 2010

How to make a vintage tray into a notice board + one happy husband??

For most of our married life, our fridge has ended up looking like this. Can you see it? barely, it's covered with clutter. Reminders of this and that, recipes, magnets, words of wisdom. Anyway David doesn't really like it like that, but it just seemed to happen.
These last two weeks I have been home with the children and enjoying getting some things done. I spend all my free time one day this week, cleaning the fridge from top to toe. It's so bare, it looks naked. Anyway I still have notices and party reminders that I wanted to keep, so I got my little vintage tray and brought some of this amazing 3M velcro picture hanger product.
And I stuck it to the wall. Actually I didn't read the instructions correctly the first time and it fell off in the middle of the night, but now it's stuck fast.
Doesn't it look cute hanging on the wall?
It makes a just-the-right-size notice board for important reminders and a few of my favourite magnets.
This corner of my kitchen is looking so much more loved. I'm really pleased with it. I'm definitely going to keep my eye open for a couple more of these trays, I think one on the bathroom door would be handy and one in the laundry for the shopping list.

I love constantly making over bits of the house, it makes it feel new to me again!


  1. oh wow this looks so great..i love the idea to use the tin!! it is so cute. i think i am going to keep my eye out when my mom and i start hitting the flea markets again.

  2. well done
    love your tray and what youve done with it
    and wanna clean my fridge? wtg :)

  3. Great idea! That tray is fantastic.

  4. super fun idea! thanks for sharing.

    (by way of trudy's)

  5. you are just too clever! I would have never thought of doing that - I love that tray too

  6. My words (aloud to my partner) "Omg I love that tray!!" What a great idea, I think I'll have to try it! If we have room on our fridge that is...

  7. Oh! I love a metal tray as a message board--I have one of these over my desk and it wonderful!


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