Thursday, April 8, 2010

The most beautiful campsite ever...

We've had an unbelieveable amount of internet issues... we now have a new phone line, a new modem, telecom have reconnected us to broadband (they forgot!)... so all should be back on track again.
Anyway I have a stack of photos from the weekend.
This is the most beautiful campsite we stayed in on the weekend.
It's just a strip of coast by the highway (yes you have to ignor the traffic noise) but my goodness it was magic. There was 100s of dolphins about 100 metres off the beach every morning.
Don't you just love a baby in her thermals on the beach?
We had just the most amazing time.
 Autumn is a lovely time to go camping.
Yes it can be chilly, but who doesn't love a good beach bonfire?
Roo got lots of treasures and I did lots of knitting,
we ate lots of chocolate and had fun with our friends.


  1. this looks amazing...our favorite beach trip are the ones in the cool weather. the dolphins had to have been amazing...

  2. sounds like a nice time was had by all :)


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