Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Place and Yours: On my Keys

Here's my car keys... they have a huge (ugly) fabric loop on them, so I don't lose them! I actually have a couple of interesting things on my key ring, I have a Korean Tile from when mum went to Korea, I think they decorate the beams of their homes with them. I also have a little cat from when I went to Thailand. I brought him at the airport on my way out and he went around Thailand with me. I went to Thailand to teach embroidery and patchwork with OMF and had the best time. I actually have some amazing pictures of quilters there... but Blogger has changed how the photos load and THEY WONT grrrr. Nevermind, if you are interested I'll post some another time. See here for what's on some other key rings.


  1. I really like the Korean tile, it's so nice to own objects with story's to.

  2. lol...i have a huge loop on my keys too....they get lost in my handbag even with this loop!!!cute little doo dads on your key ring!!!xxx

  3. oh i love that would sit nicely alongside my dragonfly :)

  4. i would share mine except that there is nothing on it. the hubby likes to keep it simple since we share keys. i love that korean tile

  5. Nice! I'd love not to carry any or fumble in the bottom of a bag every time. This all might inspire a big loopy sensible change ;)

  6. interesting post :)

    Like your Korean Tile and cat. I collect ornamental cats :)

    might have to post my keys sometime
    I have a large Christian fish on mine so I dont lose them - still happens at times though LOL


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