Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Fat Pincushion ready to fly over to it's new home!

This is one huge pin cushion... I made it from some left overs from that linen skirt and an old doiley and a vintage button. I wish I'd made it after I learned to crochet edging cause I would have done that too, never mind I think its still ok. I have a huge pin cushion and it's so useful, so I hope the new owner loves this too. It's off with a couple of other treats for this swap run by the lovely and inspiring Kate.
You like??
I like dressing up this bubba, I want to photograph her everyday!
Oh little feet how I love thee xx
Roo-Man playing educational games on the lap-top.
(Don't laugh he really is...
 "put the sentences in the order of my dream" etc etc)
Much, much concentration.
He has to play games that read the instructions to him,
so we all get to hear it over and over again...
"Thanks for putting my dreams in order!"


  1. oh those little feet are to die for!!! baby feet are my weakness. i love your pincushion. you do such amazing things with doily! the person who gets it is very lucky.

  2. That is one gorgeous pin cushion, GORGEOUS!! This swap has really opened my eyes up to the linen and doily combination, love it. Thanks for being such a great swapper. X

  3. So pretty! I just used part of my old linen skirt in my daughter's Easter dress.

    What cute little feet, I have two pairs to photograph ;)

  4. what a great use of a vintage doily. this looks amazing. i'm loving the reveals as they're done and received.

  5. Love your pincushion Deb! Very pretty. I've made one or two using doileys, and they look very effective along with the fabric underneath showing through. :)

  6. Love your pincushion... and fantastic thinking about making it large.


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