Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Creative Space

I did a post with things in progress and then realised it's "My Creative Space" day, so seems like a good day to join! This little vintage sheet dress is just been finished. Annie has been wearing it for a while, but now that I've mastered the crocheted edge, I thought I would try putting it on a dress. Doesn't it look adorable??

It's the last couple of days of the school holidays, I don't believe there is one tidy or clean surface in my house. It's terrible. Annie is feeling a bit poorly today and everybody else seems a bit scratchy. So I'm going off to clean, tidy, fold washing, do the ironing and hopefully go to the park later with some friends.

After seeing many shirt re-fashions on the net, all for skinny people, I've decided to try and make a nice top out of a men's shirt. This is the largest one I can find, it said 43 on the collar, (not sure what that means). Watch this space, I have a couple of ideas to make it look respectable. This is not a flattering photo at all, so hopefully the after will be SPECTACULAR! lol

I have done almost no sewing these last couple of weeks, (been side tracked by the crocheted edge!) apart from some wee pants in the works from this tutorial. I really want to sew my blocks for this quilt and make a top for this competition.  Oh and I want to make two skirts, some pj pants and a new sleep sack for Annie. But what I'm actually going to do is tackle the ironing right now!

What's in your creative space today??


  1. The little dress is super sweet and I like the shirt idea. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Lots happening in your space, have fun xo

  2. Love the dress and that crochet edge is perfect....Good Luck with the refashion :)

  3. I actually got some sewing done today - on dolls like these:

    So far they have faces and hair. I'm very excited to see them come to life!

  4. i am certain that the finish on the shirt refashion is going to be amazing!!! i love how you are always thinking of and making new things. the crochet edge on Annie Rose's dress looks so perfect. i love it. today i am cutting squares for a new vintage quilt top.

  5. I love the little dress too.

  6. I reckon I would quite like to get overwhelmingly sidetracked with the crocheted edge. It's been a 'something' hovering around for a wee while and yours looks bee-autiful on the dress...

  7. That's a darling little dress.

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