Thursday, May 20, 2010

And the winners are...

First of all a huge
Thank you
to all of you who commented, sent me emails and became followers of my blog. I read all of the comments and answered all of them apart from the "no-reply" addresses. Whew! Anyway we drew the winners out of the hat...

Rachel C who said...
thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

and for the book, Bellgirl who said the magic words...
oh yes and I'm a follower!!

But stick around people, I'm going to GIVEAWAY A QUILT for my 600 posts, yes you read right, A QUILT, made out of vintage sheets no less. Blogging has given so much to me, my perspective on life has changed so much since I started slowing down enough to take notice of the world around me and take the time to write it down. I just want to give back. It's that simple! In the meantime, normal programming will resume.


  1. What? A QUILT giveaway? I'm on pins and needles! I will surely stick around!

  2. 600 posts? thats awesome.. you must feel well loved! Hope Reub is feeling better now - have had no tinternet for a few days so playing catch-up! just packing final bits before i go to see dad... is it ok to be terrified and excited at the same time? hope you guys are all good. much love xxxx

  3. giving away a quilt...are you kidding? that is so cool!!!

  4. i will not miss the quilt post...she makes mental note to


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