Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bundles to post...

I'm in a couple of bees this year, the Freedom Bee and the Bee Improv, I'll get the links up when I have some more time. Yesterday I spent the afternoon looking after poor Annie who has a nasty cold and making fabric bundles. My month for Bee Improv is November, but it sneaks up on you so I thought I'd get organised. Both of these quilts are going to be stash busters in old-fashioned florals. David's mum and Aunty are in their late 80s and I'm hoping they will be perfect to keep the old dears warm!

Just had to put in this picture of a beautiful flower from Mother's day.
My family know I love flowers!!


  1. that is so sweet to make them are so good at it. i love the flower. they are so sweet to give you mothers day flowers

  2. Flowers are always great! They make everything feel more special.


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