Sunday, May 9, 2010

Elmer the Elephant...

Elmer the Elephant has travelled across the sea to live with us. Isn't he so cute? I got him from Lora at Eager Hands, she sells very cute vintage stuff and makes gorgeous necklaces. Thanks so much Lora, Annie-Rose LOVES him already.

He doesn't look too tricky, I think I might have to make some. I love the gingham and rickrack, but wouldn't his saddle look cute in linen, maybe with some embroidery??


  1. ahhh this sounds like a great idea...the linen idea is awesome.

  2. Very cute - embroidery would look really good on one!!

  3. so cute! i am so happy your little girl loves him and that he made it safely to your house. :)
    happy mother's day!

  4. Elmer is lovely and I especially like the colourings

  5. LOVE, just love! I wonder if there is a pattern somewhere....


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