Monday, May 31, 2010

Today I posted all the parcels to all the people I've promised one too...

so if you are expecting a parcel from me, start counting down now! Honestly the docket from the Post Shop is so long, I could almost pass on by on buying toilet paper this week (just kidding).

 Baby has yet another cold, so we've been mostly home today, cuddling, drawing... being together.


  1. Ooh exciting! I've been to the post office this morning too, parcels to go.

    Hope your little one is better soon!

  2. Its a terrible time for colds at the moment Deb. Change in seasons I suppose and such severe weather. I had (once again) plans to pop round to see you this morning but have another sinus infection so that put the end to that plan. Hope Annie Rose is brighter soon.
    Hugs Deb

  3. good on you for getting ALL the posting done....I just happened across your blog & really love it...will be popping in regularly for a cuppa from now on!!

  4. look how cute she is on her knees drawing pictures. she is precious!!! you are one lucky momma. i have such a problem going to the post office. i always feel so accomplished when i have gone.


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