Monday, June 7, 2010

A bit of this and a bit of that...

Today is a public holiday in New Zealand, it's Queen's Birthday. We all went out for breakfast to the Globe Cafe for such yummy breakfasts.
 Then we went to QE2 for David and kids to have a swim.
Annie-Rose loved it. 
 It's been raining cats and dogs today.
So a few games of Scrabble were in order.
James had his macbook to check the spelling! 
I was doing a spot of blog reading tonight. 
And then I had to do a spot of shopping.
This lovely fresh pile is by Erin Morris called 'weekends'
I can't wait till it arrives. 
 Chrissy and I have set ourselves a little challenge.
We brought one metre of cream coloured cotton knit.
We cut it in half width-wise
and we are have a wee competition between ourselves.
We are both going to decorate them to our taste!!
It will be interesting to see how they turn out.


  1. i love the competition you are having with Chrissy. what a nice holiday. i think we are going to the zoo today.

  2. I hope that when my kids are teenagers, they will be confident enough to do something like have a craft challenge with me and not worry about what their peers might say. That is an absolutely lovely idea.

    And I just adore AR's hat.

  3. What a gorgeous hat!

    Sounds like a lovely holiday! That fabric looks lovely as well!


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