Sunday, June 27, 2010

Channelling her inner Russian Orphan... (or princess)

Playcentre is messy
so I made this little apron for Annie
once I've nailed it, I'm going to make a tutorial for you all.
(You don't know it, but you need this tutorial, lol)

Because Playcentre is messy
(which we love!!)
you don't want to use your good knits
and I found this teal (it's too ugly for 'aqua') jersey
in great nick for Annie for $2
I also found this cute hat for $2 from another op-shop
it 'matches' (I use the term loosely) perfectly!

And then I made this bright yellow dress
from a valance and an old sheet.
It's her playcentre uniform from now on!
I must be the only person who makes a dress
to get it messy at Playcentre.
I love making stuff from old stuff!!


  1. Nope! You aren't the only one to make clothes to get messy. I made a dress recently for one small girl who was BEGGING for a Princess Peach dress. They don't exist, so I made one. The whole time I was doing it, I kept thinking "I can just send her out to play in it" because I hate character clothes. It about killed me to have to make it for her, but she looked so pitiful asking and lavished such attention on me when it was done...

  2. she looks toasty cute....ove that jumper to bits...just love the op shop look on kids....don't you!!!xxx

  3. What a sensible Mum, you have to have playcentre clothes, imagine the stress otherwise, not worth it.
    hugs Deb

  4. That is one fantastic outfit!!!!

  5. That's the best Playcentre outift I've seen! When Cassis went she had a fully op shopped outfit, or two, for Playcentre. x

  6. same went for Miss P - always found cool stuff for Playcentre from these great stores - I thought she was particularly 'funky-looking'...we expanded our horizons from that 'deemed' necessity!!


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