Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday stuff...

The other day Deb asked me which of her patterns I had.
So I went on a hunt and found them.
But then I fell in love with this one....
(picture from Leanne's Blog)
the other night I went out to my store room
grabbed a bunch of fabrics and made the first block.
This is my Embrace the picture photo for today.
My goodness it's nearly impossible to take pics of me and the kids.


  1. That Loxton Vines quilt is wonderful! Now I have another to add to the list that I want to make!

  2. You never cease to amaze me Deb. Do you ever stop and smell the roses, sleep or breathe? LOL
    I do love that quilt.
    hugs Deb

  3. DEB! i am cracking up at your title on my blog--the lamest attempt at a photo ever.
    seriously girl, this picture is real life! i love it!

  4. Wow, how beautiful! lovely new look on your blog too:)

  5. those vines are so cool...this is going to be amazing!!!

    i already have used up all the blocks you sent me...i just have to run to the store tonight to get a little more of the fabric i used for solids in the quilt top. i am excited to show you.


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