Monday, June 21, 2010

I couldn't help myself, I just had to start....

One block down!
All cut out and ready to go.
This is a colourway I have never used.
Really deep rich colours.
I think it will be so lovely,
a real winter quilt.


  1. Ooo, looks lovely! I love strong colours.

  2. these colors are going to make such a cozy warm quilt. i love these asterisks.

  3. Of course you did! I am itching to start, seriously just itching! I am so excited, and yet I have no time! I have no idea how you squeezed time in for this block. Between my two classes, arranging deatils so we can move, husband switching jobs, and trying to stock up for a sale this weekend, I am exhausted by 5 in the evening! lol I'm hoping a weekend will float along and land in my lap, a weekend named "Time for Quilting." lol We'll see.


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