Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Creative Space...

Inspired by Kate and her Nothing but the Thread range, I made this dress for Annie-Rose yesterday in scraps of time between other things, not as exciting!

It's completely lined with a vintage sheet,
the lace on the bottom is in a box of treasure I got off Trademe
and the doilley from my stash
(the red plaid I got on Monday from the Sally Army)

This morning we were trying to be creative to keep warm
as our Pellet fire stopped working (it was still minus 1 at 9am)
Even with her warm coat and hat Annie was not happy
Luckily she went to Grandma's today
and I went to the Warehouse and brought a heater.

Creative, but not by us, a sunflower seed growing
to Reuben's delight.
The Mental Health foundation are selling them in their
Go Potty campaign.

Also made by me this week,
this cute no-sew tutu.
I found lots of tutoirals on the net but they used
of tule. I'll have to write a tutorial for mine which I managed out
of one metre of tule and took me only 20 minutes.

More creative spaces here.


  1. awesome awesome and it all...we were 2 degrees at 10 yesterday morning...soooo cold for sydney...i get why she was

  2. Great frock Deb. Love the contrast of the check with the circular crochet. Fab.

  3. Oh bless her heart! What a cute picture. You should come hang out here for a while. We're in the neighborhood of 32 or 33 degrees celsius according to the online convertor (in the 90s fahrenheit. hot. ugh.)

  4. Love the little dress, the doily is the perfect finishing touch.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Warm (+20C)(((hugs))) for you freezing Aussies!


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