Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Simple Vintage Sheet Lap quilt...

Remember this?
Well it got safetly to it's new home
it is LOVED!
Hurray... is there anything better than a quilt that is loved?

Did you want to make one of these beauties?
It's actually very simple.
First I cut 36 8 x 8 inch squares from my various sheets
and laid them out on the floor till I had a pleasing arrangement.
I always take a photo with my digital camera at this point.
It really helps with making sure the light and dark
are evenly dispensed.
I sewed them in strips of 6 squares
and then sewed the 6 strips together.
I pressed it at this point.
Because I decided I wanted a nice soft edge on this quilt
to make it more snuggly
I decided not to bind it in the usual way.
I laid the batting on the floor and smoothed it out.
Then I laid the quilt back, right side up on top of the batting.
Lastly I laid the quilt top wrong side up on top of the quilt back.
I put a lot of pins all the way around the edge.
Then I carefully sewed around leaving a 6" gap.

Then I trimmed off all the edges and turned it right side out
through my wee hole.
I hand sewed up the hole and then hand quilted it
around every second square.
It is beautifully soft.
I actually wanted to keep it.

Wasn't that easy?
You could make one, couldn't you Viv!
I remember your longings for a quilt.
Yes I do.

By the way I did look exactly like a
crazy lady by the side of the road
taking these pictures.


  1. What a pretty quilt... I wish I had one of those... oh... hang on... ;)

    You bet me to it! I'm posting about this tomorrow, and it looks like Punky is the lucky duck after all..!


  2. this is just

  3. It looks like beautiful weather to be taking the pictures.

  4. i love that you just go find a beautiful place to shoot the quilt. this looks lovely...i think i see a few fabrics that you sent me


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