Saturday, July 31, 2010

Have you whipped up a mini qult lately??

After a week filled with sick kids, I spotted this post on the Whipup blog.
There are links to three free downloads.
I didn't actually do it exactly like the pattern,
but I did get it done and I love it.

Last night after my poor sick baby went off to bed I made this.

I had forgotten how much I love making wee quilts.

It's so easy to do a good job.
I'm so pleased with this.

I backed it with a piece of linen from a large doiley.
As I made this quilt I realised it's for my friend Gabe,
she's having a hard time right now,
I hope she feels loved....
and that the spring colours remind her that
better times will come.

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  1. mini quilts and table runners are so easy and satisfying. you can get it all done in one day and then enjoy it and feel creatively fulfilled


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