Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Embroider on a T-Shirt.... (for Leslie xxx)

This is so easy if you have a heat transfer pencil (it helps if you don't let the dog chew it, fail). Here in New Zealand they are available at Spotlight or Trademe, I imagine if we can get them here, they must be readily available elsewhere in the world. I wanted to do a maze, I thought it would look cute and I really like that Japanese embroidery Sashiko (there's a great tutorial here). After I thought of it, I saw it on the  Feeling Stitchy blog, so obviously someone else had the thought too!

Really the trickiest thing is finding the pencil, lol because all you have to do after that is print out your picture and draw over the lines with the pencil.

I pressed a piece of lightweight interfacing on the back, because I thought it would be better and not pull too much. I'm definitely happy with the result so I think it is the best plan.

Then press with a hot iron on dry (turn off the steam). I managed to do three t-shirts with one transfer, which was awesome!
Put it in a frame and it's all ready to go.
Easy Peasy!


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  2. oh my goodness...that is so cool. i need to go and find one of those. with one of these you can embroider anything. thanks for telling me all about it. the shirt is very fun

  3. I LOVE this idea and the One Present a Week idea!!!

    I NEED to do that, just as soon as I get this Family Reunion Quilt quilted and sent off!


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