Thursday, July 1, 2010

Is it only me or does the thought that there is 176 days till Christmas [or 25 weeks] make you want to start making presents now??

I was driving over the Waltham Overbridge a couple of days ago and saw a new "The Cruising Zone ends here" sign and I realised that really I need to stop thinking about it and start making those pressies. The time for cruising is over!! I really don't want to spend another November manically sewing, really I don't.
I want to make one present a week
how does that sound?
Do you want to join me?
Say on a Sunday, post a picture of the present you have
made, link to my post
and each week I will draw out a name
and send 1/2 metre of fabric to the winner...

Does this sound like a good incentive?
You don't have to do every week
Just jump in when you can
Even if you only get one done a fortnight
it's still more than maybe you would have anyhow!!

Starting Sunday 11 July which gives you a head start!
Oh and it's Sunday NZ time, which is Saturday for a lot of you.
Leave a comment if you are interested
just so I know I'm not alone
(but I'm going to do it anyhow!!)


  1. I love that idea! I won't be able to start with you though, therer are tons of exams that I have to finish first. But starting August, I am all in!

  2. I'm keen but I migth just have to post abstract pictures because my readers are mainly my friends and family. Love it though. I'm in!

  3. lol I totally understand. I started this time last year and totally freaked out that I don't even KNOW what I'm making this year yet. Maybe this will help get me motivated!

  4. STOP! ... you're scaring me!!!

  5. i'm not into xmas mood yet, sorry, it's just wayyy too hot. anyway, I never start thinking about xmas before my birthday (in a few days) so maybe next month i would answer differently to that question. the main thing to bear in mind is, start the projects sooner than november, like I did last year eheheh

  6. What an amazing idea! Now to gather a list of items I would like to make for Christmas. This will help me get motivated. Thanks!

  7. That's great incentive! This title really made me laugh out loud, but its a fantastic idea. Every year I find myself thinking about it and thinking I should start early. Then I don't, and I'm frantic in December, all the way up to Christmas day, and people always end up getting late gifts from me. lol It makes no sense. I know Christmas is coming. It comes at the same time every year! lol I might have to join this. Even if I only get one or two things done in advance. haha

  8. Incentive enough for me! I may never get started otherwise and it will help to see what others are making because I have no idea - I might try for one a fortnight

  9. Fabulous incentive, but I don't think I could make one gift per week...can we post works in progress?

  10. I'm very interested! I need a good kick in the bottom to get started on that. :)

  11. what a crazy good idea ... i don't know if i'll be that productive but i think i'll stay with you to help me keep on track!

  12. Great idea! I probably won't be able to start posting right away, and like makeitgiveit I'll have to be coy about some things, but I'm keen! Anything to avoid the mad panic in December. You've got me thinking about it now, even if I don't start making right away :)

  13. Much as I don't like thinking about Christmas until December it always leaves me very hurried and harried and not able to relax and enjoy the build up to Christmas. I may not make something every week but I would love to play along with you sometimes. Seeing what others have made may also inspire me. I guess I really do need to think about it because my family's in UK and I always end up missing the deadline for cheaper posting. Thanks for making me think about this! x

  14. i am definitely interested i just have no idea for what i want to do for christmas this year yet....all i know is that i have to finish it all before thanksgiving cause the baby comes between the two.

  15. I'm so with you! no more 3am sewing for the month of November!

    I'm having a baby in July so I might not start as early as the rest of you but I think doing it together is a good incentive!
    and actually I'm almost done one already!
    it was actually supposed to be a June birthday gift but I decided to give it at Christmas instead ;)

    p.s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that quilt with the large scrappy log cabins!!!
    how big does each block measure?
    was it tough to quilt?

  16. Such a great idea! Now if I can just keep myself focused enough to actually get some presents planned and made. I swear, when I am pregnant my brain thinks of little else besides baby, baby, baby, baby. I am going to try though.

  17. I love this idea. I've gotten started - I hope I can keep up. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Great idea!! I am going to make my list and get started!!

  19. I am working on an ornament for an exchange through Andi over at Laundry on the Line---so that could count as one for the Christmas books;) I really am going to try to do one project a month maybe!

  20. I'd love to participate as I can. I don't know how often I will be able to post a finished gift, but I will post them!

  21. Excellent! I've already started my presents, I'll link up my posts!


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