Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Creative Space...

A couple of times this week I've sat at the sewing machine for 10 minutes
and sewed some large log cabins...
which I'm cutting into 6" in squares.
I was inspired by this book....

I know, I know I just can't help myself
but I love a project I can sew up quickly
in stolen moments.

I hope you don't feel unmotivated by reading this
I'm a bit worried after reading this
but I just want you to know
that I blog because I love to,
and I make things because I love to,
no pressure at all on you guys
I just love you popping by to read.
Really I do.


  1. this is going to be so lovely. those colors are so awesome. you always pick the best, brightest and most saturated colors. i read that post you linked to and i can totally see her point, but i am with you i do it because i love it and in the end i have something beautiful to show for what i have blogged about. no pressure at all.

  2. A great start to your quilt!
    Lovce those colours.
    Andi x

  3. I'm just impressed with bloggers who actually put out posts. My poor, sad, blog languishes in the blogosphere whining at me to play, and I just ignore it.

    I'm always glad you are saying things and showing us what you are doing.

  4. WHat a great idea for piecing!

    Interesting link, and it makes me glad I'm not trying to make money from my blog or I might feel under that kind of pressure. No-one makes us blog, after all!

    I like reading and writing blogs because it's really nice to share craft projects, to see what people are making and to share my creations too. Yay!

  5. Loving all that vibrant colour.

  6. Lovely colors. And the books looks great, so inspirational and colorful.

  7. Hi Deb,

    Love the colors in your log cabin. Looking forward to seeing more.

    I too read the link post. Blogging to me has become a very sad thing. Such much pressure to do this or that. Get the followers, get the money.

    I blog because I love putting down what I want, when I want. I will not bow down to pressure. I see so many bloggers taking time off due to that said pressure, that they may not even realize until taking that break.

    Blogger themselves have helped put that pressure on by pushing the "make money blogging". Of course, they make more money themselves.

    Blogs started out years ago as "online journals". I share with others in hopes to inspire, as I get so much inspiration from other bloggers. I'm not looking for followers, nor do I "sign up" as a follower. I read way too many blogs, but its my free time. I like to think that my comments are more welcome than wheter I am a follower or not.

    I am not knocking anyone who wants to make money from blogging or who wants a ton of followers. Go for it!!! But please, keep the pressure to yourself.

    Just my take on that post.



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